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Land of Nod

A short time ago in a land not very far away…

This is how fairy tales begin.  Unfortunately, the reports you will see in this section are real…
Too many times, managers, supervisors and/or employees stake out their own little fiefdoms within their organizations and basically run their own “Land of Nod.”  Their hidden agendas, poor communication skills, either attack or retreat, and frail egos lead to the organization down a very destructive road.  Bullies emerge, and the good employees who want to see the organization succeed withdraw.  This is a VERY destructive cycle, which results in a “jungle-type” of mentality:  People go to work on the defensive and are on guard constantly against attacks.  This is why 30% to 50% of the American workforce is on some sort of mood stabilizer.

The rulers of Land of Nod comprise about 5%-10% of the organization…but that is all it takes to bully the others into submission.

If these issues are not addressed, the rulers in the Land of Nod will overthrow the organization’s culture.  There will be a coup, which usually means bullying others who get in their way, including managers, much like the playground bullies of grade school.  In order to maintain their control, they will intimidate others, leak half-truths to the press and will often adopt whatever means necessary to maintain their grip of organizational control…which includes bringing down the organization if necessary.

Management must address the issue.  Bullies should not be permitted.  The Land of Nod should be replaced with a decent environment meant for all the employees, not just the bullies.

The reports you find in this section are excellent teaching tools with wonderful examples regarding how to address such issues and banish the bullies along with Ishmael.  Management must adopt a strong culture that is enforced against those building their private kingdoms in order to enforce their rule against their co-workers.

If management does not enforce an environment for all its employees and banish the bullies, who will?

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