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Emotional Intelligence Coaching
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Did You Know Scott is a Nationally Certified Emotional Quotient Instructor?

  • Do you sometimes feel like you work with CHILDREN?
  • Do you know YOUR level of Emotional Intelligence?
  • Do you know what you need to SPECIFICALLY do to raise your level of Emotional Intelligence?
  • Do you have EMPLOYEES who could improve and need assessed?
  • What exactly is "Emotional Intelligence" how can it help you and your organization?

Scott Warrick is a Nationally Certified Emotional Quotient Counselor. Scott can not only train your people in how to become more Emotionally Intelligent Communicators, but he can also individually assess the Emotional Intelligence level of your employees and job candidates before you hire them.

Scott can also coach your employees individually if needed to help them design a specific program tailored to increase their level of Emotional Intelligence.

If you can't act like a big person, NOTHING happens!

Make sure your programs WORK by raising the Emotional Intelligence level of you and your employees.

Click to learn more about Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Coaching:

If you would like to discuss having the Emotional Intelligence level of your employees or job applicants assessed, or if you have employees who need coached in this area, contact Scott by clicking here.


Scott is an amazing speaker. I always go away with a better understanding of the current case law. There is never a dull moment with Scott. You will be engaged throughout the entire seminar.
— Kathy Pinyerd,
Operations Assistant
This guy could make 'Two Steps To Brushing Your Teeth' interesting.
— Collette Mak
I always learn more than I anticipate. Scott is incredibly well informed. That is why I drive all the way to Columbus: To hear Scott.
— Amy Spinelli,
VP Human Resources
I always get great information and tips from Scott's seminars. Scott's seminars are the most useful I have been to.
— Kimberly Main,
HR Generalist
I love the practical application of Scott's seminar. The value is phenomenal.
— Tricia Pokosh,
Director of Human Resources
Scott is the best presenter we have ever had!
— Tim Thompson
I love coming to Scott's legal updates and training. I can tell Scott does a lot of work to research what has happened throughout the year so we don't have to. Scott knows how to present the law.
— Nicole Williams,
Human Resources
Scott is amazing! I took something from every part of the seminar!
— Melissa Harvey,
HR Manager
Loved the 'real world' examples. Scott has really 'been there, done that.'
— Kay Peters
Scott's insight as an HR professional and an employment lawyer gives us a very different perspective.
— Cynthia Griffin,
HR Director

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