You get EVERYTHING, plus whatever else is added across the next 16 months. (I can produce videos only so fast!) I started with these videos because they are all the most critical for employers. Every aspect of the MASTER HR TOOL KIT SUBSCRIPTION acts as a vital tool to help you as an organization and an HR professional. EVERY organization in this country will deal with the ADA and the FLSA … EVERY ORGANIZATION EVERY YEAR. You cannot have employees and not be expert in these laws. If you have more than 50 employees, you will also be dealing with the FMLA. Every employer must also conduct its SEXUAL AND ILLEGAL HARASSMENT TRAINING, and this video series is meant to be facilitated by an in-house HR person. The FAMILIES FIRST and CARES Act videos are also essential for employers and HR professionals. The Do It Yourself HR Department is a vital tool to keep your organization’s policies and contracts in compliance. And finally, The Human Resource Professional’s Complete Guide To Employment and Labor Law is an online digital book that is constantly being updated as the law changes, such as with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision no sexual orientation and gender identity. (This book is now over 1,000 pages long and growing.)