Designing and Delivering Effective Performance Appraisals

➢ How do most of our Performance Appraisals so more HARM THAN GOOD?

➢ How can managers INSTANTLY increase the accuracy of their reviews?

➢ What are the MOST COMMON ERRORS made in performance appraisals, and how can they be overcome?

➢ How can managers get employees to TAKE MORE ACCOUNTABILITY in the Performance Appraisal Process?

➢ What makes a GOOD PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL FORM … and what makes a BAD ONE?

➢ Should you “SCORE” or “RATE” employee performance … and if so, HOW should you do it?

➢ What is “DOCUMENTATION” … and how should it be used?

➢ What makes appraisals LEGALLY DEFENSIBLE … and is your appraisal a ticking time bomb?

➢ What role should the EMPLOYEE PLAY in the Performance Appraisal Process?

Learn Supervisory Skills and Employment Law from Scott Warrick, a two-time best-selling author, a national professional speaker, a practicing Employment Law Attorney and a Human Resource Professional with 40 years of hands-on experience. Scott uses his unique background to help organizations get where they want to go, which includes coaching and training managers and employees in his own unique, practical and entertaining style.