➢ What does it REALLY mean to be “EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT”?

➢ Why is “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE” more critical to your success than your IQ or your degrees?

➢ Why is “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE” the single most important factor that ANY LEADER must possess?

➢ Exactly HOW do you build your Emotional Intelligence?

➢ What SPECIFIC factors make up your Emotional Intelligence?

➢ How do you your MEASURE and then IMPROVE a person’s level of “Emotional Intelligence”?

➢ What EI Factors do most leaders COMMONLY LACK?

➢ Why is EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE critical to your “TEAMBUILDING,” “CUSTOMER SERVICE,” “PRODUCTION” and everything else you do?

➢ What are the 6 COMMON PITFALLS of Emotional Children?

➢ Why are Emotional Children BIGOTS?

➢ What STYLE OF COMMUNICATION do Emotional Children typically use … and why does it always lead to disaster?

➢ What does it mean to be MINDBLIND?

➢ How do you build your EMPATHY?

➢ How did a lack of Emotional Intelligence lead to the fall of Kodak?

➢ How do Emotionally Intelligent supervisors foster HIGH MOTIVATION, HIGH MORALE and HIGH PRODUCTION in your employees … and how can you MEASURE that? … AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Join Scott Warrick, one of Ohio’s most popular speakers, as he shows you what it really means to be EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT person. Scott will show you how to improve your level EI in his own unique, practical and humorous style. Scott will not only inform you of these important skills, but he will use his 40 years of Human Resource Management experience to tell you how to use this information IMMEDIATELY!

This is a deep 6 hour course on Emotional Intelligence.