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Session runs from: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Cost: FREE

No … This is NOT your TRADITIONAL Diversity/Tolerance or Brain Health Program!

  • What should YOU put in your BRAIN REPAIR PROGRAM?
  • Why are Omega 3sEssential Elements” and what do they actually do in the human brain?
  • How is McDonalds killing us and driving us crazy?
  • The role do supplements, or VITAMINS and MINERALS, play in maintaining brain health … and how will you know which supplements to take and which ones to avoid?
  • How does SLEEP and WATER repair our brain?
  • How “BDNF” helps to grow new neurons and repair your brain … and how you can get more of it.
  • How your PETS and HOBBIES can be a great investment in your own mental health.

MUCH, MUCH more…

Join Scott as he shows you how to design your BRAIN REPAIR PROGRAM.  Scott will show you several positive lifestyle changes you will want to consider that will greatly increase your brain’s ability to rewire and repair itself in his own unique, practical and entertaining style and show you how to use this information IMMEDIATELY!