Emotional Intelligence & Building A “SAFE” Culture

➢ How does a high level of Emotional Intelligence correlate with Tolerance?

➢ How does a lack of TOLERANCE lead to a dangerous workplace?

➢ How did a lack of TOLERANCE lead to NASA blowing two space shuttles out of the air?

➢ How will INTOLERANCE destroy your STRATEGIC GOALS?

➢ How should you define “TOLERANCE”?

➢ What is required by the U.S. Supreme Court? The Circuit Courts? The EEOC?

➢ Why should you NEVER require your employees to be “ACCEPTING” of each other?

➢ Since you cannot REQUIRE ACCEPTANCE, how do you get people to become ACCEPTING of each other?

Learn Supervisory Skills and Employment Law from Scott Warrick, a two-time best-selling author, a national professional speaker, a practicing Employment Law Attorney and a Human Resource Professional with 40 years of hands-on experience. Scott uses his unique background to help organizations get where they want to go, which includes coaching

All Sessions Are Recorded. So, if you miss one, the recording will be there for you to watch and listen to later. EACH SESSION IS APPROVED FOR 1.5 HOURS OF SHRM AND HRCI CREDITS Each session will be delivered through ZOOM… So, come to relax, have fun and PARTICIPATE!