Order all of Scott’s products together with the “Master HR Tool Kit Subscription” and get Scott’s “Do It Yourself HR Department,” “The HR Professional’s Complete Guide To Federal Employment And Labor Law” and ALL 30 HOURS of SHRM and HRCI approved videos for recertification (this includes 9 hours each year of HRCI BUSINESS credits). All of these materials are updated as changes arise and may be renewed annually for at a discounted rate.

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Scott Warrick’s Master HR Tool Kit Subscription Contains:

Scott’s HR MASTER TOOL KIT also gives these DOWNLOADABLE videos, all of which are approved for 48 hours of SHRM and HRCI CREDIT, including 9 hours of HRCI BUSINESS CREDITS! Scott UPDATES all of these videos throughout the year as the law changes so you are never left behind, and each video is renewed annually for HRCI and SHRM credits, giving you an ADDITIONAL 48 hours of RECERTIFICATION CREDITS EACH YEAR! These are all the RE-CERTIFICATION CREDITS you will ever need for SHRM OR HRCI!

  • Effectively Addressing & Resolving Conflict
  • Developing Your Emotional Intelligence: A Deep Dive Understanding
  • Understanding the New Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
  • Creating A “Safe” Workplace
  • Developing Your Corporate Strategy
  • Effectively DOCUMENTING and WARNING Employees
  • Dealing with Hypersensitive Employees
  • Understanding & Building Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding the New Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
  • Oh, No! It’s Wage and Hour! Understanding the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938
  • Learning the 7ps of Marketing
  • Dachau: A First-hand Perspective
  • “You’re Doing It Wrong!” What You Need To Do To Comply With The EEOC’s New Harassment Training Guidelines
  • Conducting a Legal and Effective Workplace Investigation
  • Understanding and Overcoming IMPLICIT BIAS After George Floyd

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