Yes, the VACCINE MANDATES are coming!

  • Who is actually covered by President Biden’s vaccine mandate orders?
  • What are the requirements for …
    • Federal employees?
    • Federal contractors and subcontractors?
    • Employers who receive Medicare and Medicaid funding?
    • Private employers with more than 100 employees?
  • Which deadlines of November 22, 2021 and December 8, 2021 apply to you?
  • Which of these groups can have their employees TESTED for COVID instead of getting vaccinated?
  • Which RELIGIONS are now officially opposing the vaccines?
  • What MEDICAL CONDITION is the CDC allowing as an exception to getting the vaccine?
  • How does the ADA and disabilities enter into these vaccine mandates?
  • What REASONABLE ACCOMODATIONS are the EEOC recommending for disabled employees who cannot get the vaccine?
  • How should you treat the RECORDS of employees who are vaccinated?
  • What sample policies have employers adopted to deal with mandating vaccines?

…and MUCH, MUCH more… Join Scott as he reviews how President Biden’s VACCINE MANDATES might affect you and your employees in the near future. Scott will outline for you in his own unique, practical and entertaining what you really