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DIY HR Department
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Do-It-Yourself HR Department ($250.00)


The Do-It-Yourself Human Resource Department is an essential guide for any human resource manager or business owner with employees. The Compliance Service provides a complete resource for establishing your own Human Resource Department and conducting your own Human Resource Audit.
The Do-It-Yourself Human Resource Department is designed so you can establish your own HR Department. You are not left on your own.

  • $250.00 initial purchase
  • $100.00 annual renewal
  1. Scott's DIY HR Dept. is the most complete HR Service featuring over 700 pages of contracts, forms, policies, and educational materials (see contents listing below).
  2. Scott's DIY HR Dept. is always up-to-date because all 700 pages are available for download from this site on-demand and you also receive periodic updates from Scott alerting you to changes in the online materials.
  3. Scott's DIY HR Dept. only costs $100.00 for annual renewals, which means you never pay full price twice.

Click the headings below for a detailed description of the DIY HR Department's content areas:

Human Resource Forms

Scott’s HR Documents Contain NEW WORDING for Employment-at-Will and to Limiting Your Employees’ Statute of Limitations To Sue You To ONLY 6 Months!

  • Download Now: Understanding Handbooks, Policies, and Contracts
  • Accident Forms for Employees and Witnesses
  • Disciplinary/Warning Form, including a sampling of completed warnings
  • Employment Application Form with Disclaimer
  • Employee Loan / Advance / Deduction Form
  • Employment Offer Letter Model
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Forms
  • Exit Interview Questionnaire
  • Family Medical Leave Act Documentation Compliance
  • Job Analysis & Job Description Forms
  • Ohio Health Care Continuation (Ohio "COBRA") Notice (For Small Employers)
  • OSHA Forms, with instructions
  • Sales Employee Wage Acknowledgement
  • Salaried Employee Wage Acknowledgment Form
Human Resource Contracts

Scott’s HR Documents also contain several sample contracts for you to review.

  • Inventory Control Contract
  • Non-Compete Contract
  • Conditional Return To Work Contract
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disparagement Contract
  • Independent Contractor Contract
  • Employment Agreement/Contract
  • Tuition Reimbursement Agreement/Contract
  • Reference Check Release of Liability Contract
  • Salaried Nonexempt Employee Wage Agreement for Fluctuating Workweek Agreement/Contract
  • Visitor Hold Harmless and Confidentiality Agreement
  • Wage Withholding Agreement
Handbook Policy HR

(Click to see Outline)

Draft or Update Your Employee Policy Manual (i.e., Data Control Policy, Social Networking Policy, EEO, Sexual/Illegal Harassment, FMLA, Fair Labor Standards Act, Workplace Violence, etc.) Over 125 pages of MASTER POLICIES.

Medical Certification Forms and Policies to Comply with the New FMLA and ADA Amendments

This package includes a full set of NEWLY REVISED Medical Certification Forms, including Supplemental Forms for gathering additional information on an employee’s medial condition for the purposes of “Light” or “Restricted” duty.

This packet also includes a full explanation of the recent changes in the FMLA and ADA, as well as a full description of the FMLA, ADA, the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 and Workers’ Compensation to help you understand how all four of these laws are different and how they interact with one another.

Medical Leave of Absence Forms (ADA, Pregnancy, etc.)
  • Medical Certification Form
  • Request For Additional Medical Information Form
  • Fit To Return To Work Form
  • Leave of Absence Fact Sheet Checklist
  • Employee Loan / Advance / Deduction Form
  • Permission to Release Medical Information Form
FMLA Forms
  • FMLA Designation Notice
  • FMLA Notice of Eligibility of Rights
  • FMLA Medical Certification Form For Family Member
  • FMLA Medical Certification Form For Military Family Injury
  • FMLA Medical Certification Form For Military Family Exigency
FMLA, ADA, and Workers’ Compensation Transitional “Return to Work” Program (also called "Light Duty" and "Transitional Work" Programs)

Manage the FMLA, ADA and Workers’ Compensation MUCH more effectively with a comprehensive policy that allows employees to return to work on a “transitional” or “light duty” basis. Such policies can give preference to those employees on leave due to workplace injuries and can be used to deny employees’ who qualify under the program paid time off if they refuse their light duty assignments, thus reducing the risk of employee fraud and abuse.

Substance Abuse Policy

(Click to see Outline)

Substance Abuse (Alcohol / Drug) Testing Policy, including, Reasonable Suspicion Testing, Post-Accident Testing, Department of Transportation Compliant, BWC, Ohio Construction Industry Order Compliant, Workers' Compensation Employee Substance Abuse Testing Compliant, etc.

Explanation of Public Sector differences included.

Substance Abuse Policies and Forms
  • Substance Abuse Policy (Over 30 PAGES for you to edit into your own policy.)
  • Conditional Return to Work Agreement
  • Reasonable Suspicion Checklist
  • Permission to Release Medical Information

(REMEMBER: An “Alcohol Test” is considered to be a “Medical Test” under federal law, as well as in most states. Therefore, you may need to use this form to obtain the results of an “Alcohol Test.” “Drug Tests” are not considered “Medical Tests,” so this form will not be needed in those instances.)

Standards of Conduct and Ethics Policy

(Click to see Outline)

Set standards for employees regarding financial dealings, communication with co-workers, customers and management (HONEST & RESPECTFUL COMMUNICATION), and much more.

HIPAA Compliance Packet

This is what you need for complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act!

Privacy Policy, Job Requirements for Privacy Officer and Employees, Confidentiality Agreement, Authorization and Disclosure, Business Associate Agreement, Notice of Privacy Rights, and Notice of Confidentiality of Alcohol Testing Rights.

Self Audit Checklist

Over 50 pages of questions and checklists for conducting your own Internal Human Resource Audit to ensure COMPLIANCE, including recordkeeping requirements.

FLSA-exempt and Non-exempt Test Explanation

Understand who is really exempt and who is not exempt from the overtime requirements of the FLSA.

New Employee Orientation Master

Use these checklists to easily design your own New Employee Orientation Program FAST!


The HR Professional’s Complete Guide to Federal Employment & Labor Law ($150.00)

I have just UPDATED SEVERAL CHAPTERS of the “The Human Resource Professional's Complete Guide To Employment and Labor Law” for 2020!
These major updates are regarding...

Get ready for 2020!

In 1994, I started writing this book. I wanted a reference book for HR people that they could grab and reference quickly to find the answers to their questions about Employment and Labor law that would be in plain simple wording without a lot of “legal-eze.”

I also wanted a comprehensive source for anyone wanting to learn Employment and Labor Law. Employment and Labor law are critical to HR professionals and anyone who has employees.

In fact, if the HR professional was a person, the feet would be the law:

You can’t take a step these days if you don’t know what the law says. If you do, you are likely to get a foot blown off...and fired.

I also wanted a tool that I could easily update and important changes in the law occurred.

That idea has now evolved into the “HR PROFESSIONAL'S GUIDE TO EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR LAW.”

Today, this book totals over 1,000 pages, it is fully indexed, it is broken down by subject matter chapters and it is constantly being digitally updated to reflect the most current changes in the law. So, HR people can feel comfortable in doing their own legal research to investigate whatever areas of Employment and Labor Law they need to know.

Also, since this book is in a pdf format and is always online for anyone who needs it, it is very easy to access it whenever you need it. You can also download it and review it in your own digital devices.

You can download the whole book or just access the website whenever you want. You will get notices when anything has changed.

The cost is $150 for a one year subscription. It is then $75 a year to renew and stay on top of what is changing.


The HR Professional’s Complete Guide to Federal Employment & Labor Law includes the following chapters. Click on a chapter title to open its outline (PDF).

  1. Overview of Employment Law
  2. What is different about Public Sector Law?
  3. Understanding and Preventing Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of Illegal Harassment
  4. Understanding and Effectively Dealing with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
  5. Understanding and Effectively Dealing with the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
  6. Understanding and Avoiding Retaliation Claims
  7. “Oh, No!  It's Wage and Hour!” Understanding the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938
  8. Understanding Employee Benefit Laws
  9. Understanding Other Aspects of Employment Law
  10. Living with the COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985)
  11. Understanding the National Labor Relations Act
  12. Managing the Electronic Workplace
  13. Understanding Administrative and Judicial Procedures and Judicial Relief
  14. Recordkeeping Requirements: What Do I Have to Keep and For How Long?

Ohio Supplement:

  • $150.00 initial purchase
  • $75.00 annual renewal


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Scott is the best presenter we have ever had!
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Scott is an amazing speaker. I always go away with a better understanding of the current case law. There is never a dull moment with Scott. You will be engaged throughout the entire seminar.
— Kathy Pinyerd,
Operations Assistant
Scott's insight as an HR professional and an employment lawyer gives us a very different perspective.
— Cynthia Griffin,
HR Director
I love coming to Scott's legal updates and training. I can tell Scott does a lot of work to research what has happened throughout the year so we don't have to. Scott knows how to present the law.
— Nicole Williams,
Human Resources

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