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Avoiding Pervertgate
Understanding and Preventing Workplace Bullying and Harassment


All programs have been updated for 2020.

This course aims to help your organization avoid "Pervertgate", a potentially devastating situation looming above every workplace environment.

This program includes the following sections (click here to view PDF outline):

  • Employee Video (2 hours)
  • Tolerance & Emotional Intelligence Video (23 minutes)
  • Sexual Orientation & Gender Stereotyping (7 minutes)
  • Additional Supervisor Video (30 minutes)
  • All Videos Combined (3 hours)
  • Additional Videos For Compliance in California, Connecticut & Maine

The entire program (EMPLOYEE and SUPERVISOR programs combined) has been approved for 3 hours of SHRM and HRCI recertification credits.


This program comes to you on a FLASH DRIVE in an MP4 format. This means you can download it into any device that has a USB port. You can load it into your organization’s intranet for everyone on your staff or in your organization to watch, into your laptop, into your computer, into DVD players or into your TV’s USB port. YOU CAN LOAD EACH PROGRAM AND TRAIN YOUR ENTIRE STAFF! Therefore, you can watch or listen to these programs or use them for research and reference material anywhere. This course is broken down into 15 video sessions. Therefore, with each INDIVIDUAL video section, you can design your own programs.


On this flash drive, you will get:

  • All 15 video sessions
  • Full Program Handout (33 pages)
  • Employee Video Handout (13 pages)
  • Tolerance & Emotional Intelligence Handout (7 pages)
  • Sexual Orientation & Gender Stereotyping Handout
  • Supervisors’ Handout (13 pages)
  • Master Sexual/Illegal Harassment Sample Policy
  • Compliance Standards for California, Connecticut and Maine
  • A Certificate of Completion
  • Pre-Test/Post-Test for Six Sigma, ISO, etc.
  • Sign In Sheets
  • Evaluation Form
Participants should be given a copy of the handout to follow along with as the video plays. Also, each participant should have a copy of your policy to review at the end of the training. Also, you will want to keep a record of who have viewed these training videos. Please have all attendees sign the attendance sheet that is provided for you and keep this sheet on file.

Click to view sample clips of the following videos:


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This guy could make 'Two Steps To Brushing Your Teeth' interesting.
— Collette Mak
Scott is the best presenter we have ever had!
— Tim Thompson
I love the practical application of Scott's seminar. The value is phenomenal.
— Tricia Pokosh,
Director of Human Resources
Loved the 'real world' examples. Scott has really 'been there, done that.'
— Kay Peters
I drive 4 hours just to hear Scott...and it is worth it.
— Denise Douglas,
HR/Administration Manager
Without a doubt, the best presenter I have ever heard. Scott Warrick could make a seminar on "Manure Specifications" enjoyable.
— Dirk Prusok
Scott's insight as an HR professional and an employment lawyer gives us a very different perspective.
— Cynthia Griffin,
HR Director
I always regret coming to Scott's seminars because I learn so much that my "to do" list just grows and grows (smile). Scott's sessions are always enjoyable and I learn a lot!
— Amy Day,
Human Resources
Scott's seminars always give me lots of useful information. His sessions provoke thought and many ideas for change. I enjoy Scott's humor and entertaining style. That is why I keep coming back!
— Diana Dumitrescu,
HR Manager
Scott is amazing! I took something from every part of the seminar!
— Melissa Harvey,
HR Manager

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