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Earn SHRM & HRCI Credit with Scott's Webinars


Across the years, it has been harder and harder for certified HR professionals to get their HRCI Business Recertification credits. SPHR professionals need to get 15 hours of Business Recertification credits every three years, and the requirements for getting a program approved for Business Recertification Credits from HRCI are steep.

Of course, many HR professionals carry a duel certification with both SHRM and HRCI.

Therefore, I have made these two online webinars available so:

  • They are ready for you “on demand” whenever you want.
  • You can rewind any Webinar at any time to hear various sections again and again if you want to.
  • You can listen to them all at once or whenever it is convenient for you...and come back to finish it later.
  • You can listen from the comfort of your home, office or where ever you get Wifi.
  • You will have these sessions to listen to for 30 days.

Every year, I have these programs recertified with new certification codes for the current year. So, you can enroll in these webinars every year and get all the HRCI Business credits you need to recertify with HRCI.

Of course, you will also get SHRM credits at the same time, which is nice, too!


Webinar viewing is online-only, meaning that you need an internet/data connection to play the video. When you register for these programs, you will receive a password with your confirmation. You will have 30 days to use this password and listen to the program you registered to hear. You may log in multiple times during this 30-day window.



Both of these webinars have been approved for SHRM and HRCI Business Credits, however, Scott had to cut some vital information from these programs in order to get HRCI Business credit. In short, much of Scott’s information relating to the evaluation and the cost of labor had to be cut in order to get HRCI Business credit.


Order SHRM & HRCI Credit Webinars

Creating a "Safe" Workplace: Civility, Tolerance & Harassment Under the New EEOC Guidelines $250.00 Online BUY ►
Learning the 7 Ps of Marketing $100.00 Online BUY ►
Developing Your Corporate Strategy, Mission, and Vision $200.00 Online BUY ►
Understanding the New ADA of 1990 $250.00 Online BUY ►
Understanding the New FMLA of 1993 $250.00 Online BUY ►
Oh No! It's Wage and Hour! (Understanding the FLSA of 1938) $250.00 Online BUY ►


I drive 4 hours just to hear Scott...and it is worth it.
— Denise Douglas,
HR/Administration Manager
Loved the 'real world' examples. Scott has really 'been there, done that.'
— Kay Peters
I love the practical application of Scott's seminar. The value is phenomenal.
— Tricia Pokosh,
Director of Human Resources
Scott is an amazing speaker. I always go away with a better understanding of the current case law. There is never a dull moment with Scott. You will be engaged throughout the entire seminar.
— Kathy Pinyerd,
Operations Assistant
Scott's seminars always give me lots of useful information. His sessions provoke thought and many ideas for change. I enjoy Scott's humor and entertaining style. That is why I keep coming back!
— Diana Dumitrescu,
HR Manager
I always regret coming to Scott's seminars because I learn so much that my "to do" list just grows and grows (smile). Scott's sessions are always enjoyable and I learn a lot!
— Amy Day,
Human Resources
Scott is the best presenter we have ever had!
— Tim Thompson
I always learn more than I anticipate. Scott is incredibly well informed. That is why I drive all the way to Columbus: To hear Scott.
— Amy Spinelli,
VP Human Resources
This guy could make 'Two Steps To Brushing Your Teeth' interesting.
— Collette Mak
Scott is amazing! I took something from every part of the seminar!
— Melissa Harvey,
HR Manager

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