Effectively Coaching and Warning Employees – 3 Hour Video and Handouts (Formerly the 1 Hour Conflict Video)


  • What do organizations have to do to PREVENT LAWSUITS rather than just WINNING THEM?
  • What are the STEPS OF COACHING managers should follow when dealing with employees?
  • How can you RESOLVE CONFLICT rather than ESCALATING it?
  • How should you define “RESPECT”?
  • What are “EPR” SKILLS and why are they CRITICAL in keeping others off the defensive?
  • What is the “NEUROLOGY OF EMOTIONS” and why do we humans react the way we do?
  • What is “EMPLOYMENT AT WILL” … and why can you NOT count on it?
  • Why can you rely on the statements given to you by employees and why are they not “HEARSAY.”
  • What is the “HONEST BELIEF RULE,” and must every manager know it?
  • What are the STEPS OF COACHING managers should follow?
  • When is it appropriate to DIGITALLY RECORD a written warning and/or termination?
  • What steps should you follow when DELIVERING a written warning?
  • What do you do if an employee REFUSES TO SIGN a written warning? (No…You do NOT go and get a witness and send the employee back to work!)
    …and MUCH, MUCH more…

Join Scott as he outlines for you how to most effectively document and then warn employees in such a way that PREVENTS lawsuits in his own unique, practical, entertaining and humorous style. Scott will not only outline these processes for you, but he will review how to use this information IMMEDIATELY!


In this session, you will learn:

  1. What is protected and what is not under EMPLOYMENT AT WILL.
  2. What legally constitutes DOCUMENTATION today.
  3. How to properly COACH employees.
  4. How to properly draft a WRITTEN WARNING.
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