Understanding and Building Your Emotional Intelligence – 1 Hour Video and Handouts


  • What exactly is “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE?”
  • What are the “BIG FIVE” skills that build EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE?
  • How do “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE ASSESSMENTS” work … and how can they help you hire and retain the right people?
  • What are the SEVEN COMMON PITFALLS of Emotional Intelligence?
  • How can you MEASURE and then IMPROVE a leader’s level of “Emotional Intelligence”?
  • What EI Factors do most people COMMONLY LACK?
  • What is the “NEUROLOGY OF EMOTIONS” and why do we humans react the way we do?
  • Why is EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE a KEY SKILL in Resolving Conflict?
    …and MUCH, MUCH more…

Scott will clearly explain what Emotional Intelligence is, how you measure it and how you can improve it! Scott will not only outline Emotional Intelligence for you in his own unique, practical and, entertaining style, but he will show you how to use this information IMMEDIATELY!

This is a quick 1 hour overview of Emotional Intelligence.

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