Understanding the New FMLA of 1993 – 5 Hours of Videos and Handouts


Join one of Ohio’s most popular speakers as he reviews how the FMLA has COMPLETELY CHANGED under the new regulations. Learn how the FMLA has changed and why it is now one of the most dangerous laws out there for employers. Scott will show you how to how to use this information IMMEDIATELY with his own “rubber hits the road” approach as a 40 year human resource professional and employment attorney.

In this program, you will learn:

  • When is an employer “ON NOTICE” of an FMLA condition?
  • What is a “SERIOUS HEALTH CONDITION” under the FMLA?
  • How do you count MILITARY SERVICE towards FMLA eligibility?
  • How do you count the amount of FMLA time off an employee gets for leave…including mandatory overtime?
  • How should employers coordinate FMLA leave with other leaves, such as sick time, vacation time, holidays and so on?
  • Who qualifies as a “CHILD”?
  • How has the Department of Labor changed the definition of “PARENT”?
  • How should employers count HOLIDAY time off under the FMLA?
  • How are “SAME SEX MARRIAGES” viewed under the FMLA?
  • What does it mean to “CARE FOR A COVERED FAMILY MEMBER”?
  • What does it mean to provide “PSYCHOLOGICAL COMFORT” for a covered family member?
  • When can employers ask employees for a MEDICAL CERTIFICATION or a RETURN TO WORK SLIP…and when CAN THEY NOT?
  • What FMLA Notice requirements are placed upon EMPLOYEES…and which are placed on EMPLOYERS?
  • What is the difference between a “General Notice,” an “Eligibility Notice,” a “Rights and Responsibilities Notice” and a “Designation Notice”…and when do you use each one?


This program has been approved for 5 hours of SHRM and HRCI recertification credits.


The entire program is 5 hours in duration. It is also broken down into 17 video sessions. You can watch each INDIVIDUAL video session at a time or all 5 hours at once. A massive 60 page handout is also included.

You will also get 1.25 hour video specially designed for what supervisors, which comes with a 26 page handout.


This session includes:

  • The entire 5 hour training program
  • This course broken down into 17 individual classes so you can watch specific topics.
  • A 60 page handout
  • A 1.25 hour Supervisor Training Video
  • A 26 page Supervisor Program handout
  • A Certificate of Completion




This program has a Supervisor Program that is 1.25 hours long so you can train your supervisors in what they need to know about recognizing and complying with the FMLA. The Supervisor Program comes with a 26 page handout.



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