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The World is Changing. That is a fact.

Of course, no one asked me if that would be OK. In fact, no one cares what I think. I am just along for the ride. As a result, I have to adjust my conduct in order to comply with these changes.

American Hate Groups Identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center

Many people believe these changes are not always good, but that does not matter either. It is what it is...and we all have to change. If not, any one of us could end up on the front page of USA Today...and that is not good.

  • 2017 EXPLODED with more violence and sex scandals than we have seen in years.
  • We have riots in our streets over issues of race and religion … just like we did in the 1950s and 1960s.
  • Civil discussion has become a thing of the past. Our ability to resolve conflict has disappeared. Attacking others who disagree with us has become the norm.
  • Hate groups in the United States have increased by over 100% in the last 20 years...and these people work somewhere.

All of these factors have invaded our organizations and destroyed many of our cultures, which leads to workplace violence, low morale, bad headlines and lawsuits.

The result? 77% of all Americans say they HATE their jobs (2007 Gallup Poll). Of course, the key question to ask is, “Why are our workplaces so caustic?”

Scott's Tolerance, Diversity, & Sensitivity References:

  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)
    Stacey Gardner, Accountant, AM&C, General Ledger
    614-701-3728  |  Email
  • Franklin County Common Pleas Court
    Holley Fannin, Human Resources Supervisor
    614-525-5628  |  Email
  • Jewish Family Services
    Lynn Aspey, MS, Director, Business Relations
    (614) 559-0117  |  Email
  • Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
    Jodi E. Lombardo Manager, BWC Safety & Health Administration
    614-644-5878  |  Email
  • RTC Industries
    Tonya Reed, Executive Director
    937-651-6299  |  Email
  • Smiths Medical North America
    • Yvonne Brewer, Rebates and Tracing Specialist
      614-210-6525  |  Email
    • Jennifer Thomas, Human Resources Manager
      614-210-6484  |  Email

Don't Let Trolls Win

Well, according to various surveys, including those conducted by CareerBuilder.com and Scott Hunter, author of “Making Work Work” (Hunter Alliance Press, 2003), the number one reason Americans hate their jobs are: bullies or, as I call them, trolls.

Living the Skills of Tolerance

The need for Tolerance or “Sensitivity” has never been greater.  Organizations must take a PROACTIVE stance against bullying, harassment and intolerance. That is why Scott focuses on “The Skills of Tolerance,” as shown in the diagram.

Tolerance, Diversity, & Sensitivity Program Outlines:
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