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About Scott Warrick


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Diverse Experience, Unique Style

40 plus years of experience

Scott uses his unique 40 plus years of experience as a HUMAN RESOURCE PROFESSIONAL and as a practicing EMPLOYMENT ATTORNEY to help organizations get where they want to go, which includes coaching and training managers and employees in his own unique, practical, entertaining and humorous style.

Solving Employee Problems BEFORE they start

Scott combines the areas of law and human resources to help organizations in “Solving Employee Problems BEFORE They Start.”

Prevent Lawsuits

Scott’s goal is NOT to win lawsuits. Instead, Scott’s goal is to PREVENT THEM while improving EMPLOYEE MORALE. In short, Scott’s motto is: “Tell me what you want to do, and I will tell you how to do it!”


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Academic Background & Awards

Capital University College of Law (Class Valedictorian, 1st out of 223)

Master of Labor & Human Resources. The Ohio State University.

Award for Outstanding Creativity in the Field of Human Resource Management

Capital University College of Law (Class Valedictorian, 1st out of 223)

Recent Testimonials

“I always regret coming to Scott’s seminars because I learn so much that my “to do” list just grows and grows (smile). Scott’s sessions are always enjoyable and I learn a lot!”

Amy Day,
CME Federal Credit Union

“I love the practical application of Scott’s seminar. The value is phenomenal.”

Tricia Pokosh,
Client Relations Executive at ADP TotalSource

“I always learn more than I anticipate. Scott is incredibly well informed. That is why I drive all the way to Columbus: To hear Scott.”

Amy Spinelli,
VP Human Resources, Towpath Credit Union

“I drive 4 hours just to hear Scott … and it is worth it.”

Denise Douglas,
Assistant Lecturer, University of Akron College of Business Administration

“Scott is an amazing speaker. I always go away with a better understanding of the current case law. There is never a dull moment with Scott. You will be engaged throughout the entire seminar.”

Kathy Pinyerd,
Operations Assistant, Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging

“I love coming to Scott’s legal updates and training. I can tell Scott does a lot of work to research what has happened throughout the year so we don’t have to. Scott knows how to present the law.”

Nicole Williams,
Vice President of Marketing and Development, Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging, Inc.

“Scott has great presentation skills that makes even ‘dry’ information very interesting and relatable.”

Tessa Pekarcik,
Senior Client Manager, Oswald Companies

“Scott’s insight as an HR professional and an employment lawyer gives us a very different perspective.”

Cynthia Griffin,
Independent Human Resource Consultant

“I always get great information and tips from Scott’s seminars. Scott’s seminars are the most useful I have been to.”

Kimberly Main,
HR Generalist at Nestle' Development Center Marysville

“Scott’s seminars always give me lots of useful information. His sessions provoke thought and many ideas for change. I enjoy Scott’s humor and entertaining style. That is why I keep coming back!”

Diana Dumitrescu,
HR Project Manager/Business Partner, The Ohio State University

“Scott is amazing! I took something from every part of the seminar!”

Melissa Harvey,
HR Manager, The Alpha Group of Delaware, Inc

“Without a doubt, the best presenter I have ever heard. Scott Warrick could make a seminar on “Manure Specifications” enjoyable.”

Dirk Prusok,

“This guy could make ‘Two Steps To Brushing Your Teeth’ interesting.”

Collette Mak,
Outreach and Scholarly Communications Librarian at University of Notre Dame


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