Living the Five Skills of Tolerance
A User’s Manual for Today’s World

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Living the Five Skills of Tolerance


Are you ready for a fresh and practical look at diversity and tolerance? If so, then this book is for you! Let Human Resources expert Scott Warrick show you how to use his FIVE SKILLS OF TOLERANCE to build a truly inclusive culture of trust in our workplaces and the world. Scott will show you exactly what to do to reach these goals in his own direct, practical, and entertaining style so you can start using these skills IMMEDIATELY! This book will help you to:

  • Examine the faults all humans share without alienating or blaming any single group of people
  • Focus on how you behave rather than what you believe
  • Give you the core skills we all need to survive in today’s diverse and digital world

This book does not focus on what makes us all different. It focuses on what we all have in common and how we all need to treat each other on an individual basis as human beings. The Five Skills of Tolerance form the roadmap that helps US ALL evolve into 21st century human beings and build a better world.

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