Understanding and Building Your Emotional Intelligence

➢ What does it REALLY mean to be “EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT”?

➢ What is the “NEUROLOGY OF EMOTIONS” and why do we humans react the way we do?

➢ Why is “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE” more critical to your success than your IQ or your degrees?

➢ Why is “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE” the single most important factor that ANY LEADER must possess?

➢ Exactly HOW do you build your Emotional Intelligence, which ultimately determines up to 80% of your personal and career success?

➢ What SPECIFIC factors make up your Emotional Intelligence?

➢ How do you your MEASURE and then IMPROVE a person’s level of “Emotional Intelligence”?

➢ What are the 7 COMMON PITFALLS of someone lacking Emotional Intelligence?

➢ What roles do “EGO” and “EMOTION” play in your EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE?

➢ What does it mean to be MINDBLIND?

➢ How do you build your EMPATHY?

All Sessions Are Recorded. So, if you miss one, the recording will be there for you to watch and listen to later. EACH SESSION IS APPROVED FOR 1.5 HOURS OF SHRM AND HRCI CREDITS Each session will be delivered through ZOOM… So, come to relax, have fun and PARTICIPATE!