Understanding and Building Your Emotional Intelligence

➢ What does it REALLY mean to be “EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT”?

➢ What is the “NEUROLOGY OF EMOTIONS” and why do we humans react the way we do?

➢ Why is “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE” more critical to your success than your IQ or your degrees?

➢ Why is “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE” the single most important factor that ANY LEADER must possess?

➢ Exactly HOW do you build your Emotional Intelligence, which ultimately determines up to 80% of your personal and career success?

➢ What SPECIFIC factors make up your Emotional Intelligence?

➢ How do you your MEASURE and then IMPROVE a person’s level of “Emotional Intelligence”?

➢ What are the 7 COMMON PITFALLS of someone lacking Emotional Intelligence?

➢ What roles do “EGO” and “EMOTION” play in your EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE?

➢ What does it mean to be MINDBLIND?

➢ How do you build your EMPATHY?